Apartments Catalogue Design

Do you want to represent your real estate how you want it, with all the benefits of location, construction quaility and interior design?
You need condo/apartement catalog who can be technical, designers or both!
Our team of graphic designers and construction engineers will represent your real estate in best posibble light with all tehcninal details and descriptions, and with all of the benefits regarding location and orientation of the builiding.

Part of the bussines contract can include 3D visualisation of exterior and interior with web page that includes hosting and domaine.

By creating catalog, visualisation and web , building will be presentet upclose and personal to potential users and will shorten selling time and ease up the process of purchase.

Apartement catalogue is intended for printing, so it can be in format of your choosing but digital catalog has important usage which you can easely deliver to your potential buyers via e mail.

By sending one file you can be certain that customer has received the best possible presentation of his future real estate.

In creating presentation in catalogs we have three part:

1) presentation of wide locations such as distance from kindergardens, schools, public transport, cultural events and interesting facts.
2) representation of the builiding thru all of its technical details, surface,orientation, construction materials and positions of parking spaces along with apartement position by floors.
3) Third sections are illustrated in independent functional units with tabular display sales,lot size according to the applicable technical regulations and in accordance with the condominium – plan special parts.

Each apartment / suite is graphic processed, prepared to scale, with the tag orientation and outstanding benefits.